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Meet the Independent Party Candidates and why they support AD2022!


Delbert Pua - House of Representatives - Precinct 3 - #11


Corina L. Magofña - Senate - #1

 Manny Gregory T. Castro - House of Representatives - Precinct 2 - #2


Malcom J. Omar - House of Representatives - Precinct 4 - #3


Thomasa P. Mendiola - Senator for Tinian - #2


Shawn DLR Kaipat - House of Representatives - Precinct 1 - #10

Ramon "RB" Camacho - Mayor for Saipan - #3


 Angelo Atalig Camacho - House of Representatives - Precinct 5 - #3


Ralph N. Yumul - House of Representatives - Precinct 3 - #1 


Andrew Salas - Independent Candidate for Saipan Senate - #5

"I support AD critically 100% unequivically because of their experience in government, experience in the military, and because in the last years, they were here when U2 hit us, they were here during the pandemic, and these two gentlemen have withstood the test of time. And they know what we need to do to brind the Commonwealth to a better future."


Vincent Alden "Kobre" - Precinct 1 - Independent Candidate for House of Representatives - #3

"Why do I support AD2022? Servent Leadership."


Rep. Roman C. Benavente - Precinct 1 - Independent Candidate for House of Representatives - #9

"I'm supporting AD2022 because I personally feel that these are the individuals that could work together with us as a team to make sure that we put better the lives of the entire CNMI as we move along."


J.P Sablan - Precinct 2 - Independent Candidate for House of Representatives - #3

"I support Arnold and Dave because I believe this is the team that's going to lead us through the upcoming years and run this government."

Marissa Renee Flores - Precinct 3 - Independent Candidate for House of Representatives - #8

"I support AD2022 is because I believe rebuilding trust is important to our economic improvement, our healthcare, and everything that makes us beautiful."


B.J. Attao - Precinct 3 - House of Representatives - #2

"Arnold and Dave are the generation that brought the CNMI into the fruition into what we are now, the commonwealth. They were there pre-commonwealth and they can bring us back to the basics. In all difficult times in the world, we always have to go back to the basics, and these two gentlemen will be able to bring us back to the basics, so we can remember where we came from, where we need to be, how we got to this point and we can fix our problems with the experience and knowledge that they have of the beginning of who we are as the CNMI."


 Joel Camacho - Precinct 4 - House of Representatives - #1

 "I'm supporting AD in this general election because I believe our Lt. Governor, Arnold Palacios, and our Mayor, David Apatang, are the perfect talent to rebuild trust and to instill a sense of transparency back into our government, which is much need now more than ever!"


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