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Issues & Priorities

The phenomenon we are currently experiencing, is difficult to tackle, and at the same time a problem we cannot afford to ignore.

This problem affects the economy and social vitality of our Commonwealth.

It erodes trust in our public agencies and processes and undermines the healthy functioning of markets and competition.

It negatively affects already limited public budgets and helps organized crime groups do their dirty work.

Recent events have made it clear that the scale of the problem is serious.

Our determination to seek a higher public office is guided by our philosophy of serving others with honesty, integrity, and transparency, and putting the leadership skills we have gained throughout our careers to work in the service of others.

Our combined years of service to our CNMI community has given us the opportunity to personally interact with our community during their most difficult moments and for that, I have a better understanding of the needs of our people.

The challenges we are facing with this pandemic puts stronger focus on making sure that taxpayers money is not wasted through dishonesty or other financial mismanagement.

Leaders must avoid becoming entrenched in self-interests and making decisions on matters that are inconsistent with our morals and values.

We deserve leaders that are trustworthy.

We deserve a Commonwealth that is clean, safe and vibrant, where we can expect economic growth without sacrificing our cultural and social values.


Principled Leadership

An administration where leadership is based on a core set of proven values to rebuild trust in our government.


Proactive and Responsive Government

An administration that will promote economic growth by policies that will streamline the processes for all businesses and individuals to succeed, while also promptly responding to public needs.

Quality Education

An administration that will prioritize students, teachers, and schools for both youth and adults so that all of our citizens can enjoy economic security and aspire towards their goals.

Personal Responsibility

An administration that will take responsibility for its actions, no matter the outcome, in its journey to rebuilding trust and projecting the CNMI forward.

Opportunity for All

An administration that will promote opportunity and fair competition for everyone, not a predetermined few.

Supporting Small Business

An administration that views small businesses as partners in creating a thriving economy and therefore will level the playing field by fairly enforcing regulations and progressive policies that help support small businesses.

Committee to Elect Arnold and Dave 2022
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